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    An Introduction to Shanghai Pu Chun Electronics Co., Ltd.
    A. The Development Process of the Company

    This company originally was an old factory which was professional in the fabrication of printed Circuit board. It was established in 1995.

    Beginning from 1997, in order to raise our business level, and to enlarge our business ranges, we have newly established a new united business which was invested by our partners, and in cooperation with six new business units. They are:

    1. Two PCB production plants.

    2. Three assembly plants(.SMT,AI, MI)

    3. Foreign office: One in USA; one in Da Lian.

    In which Shanghai Pu Chun Electronics Co., Ltd. is the general company as a window of capital and as overall manage.

    Based on the conditions stated about, a rapid developments of our business have been obtained. For a producing and marketing united business, Shanghai Pu Chun Electronics Co., Ltd. provides a completeness of various products, and is able to fabricate PCB and PCBA with fast stepping. A special service in Pu Chun Co.also can help customers to select/purchase various components/parts in China and to make a PCB layout if the customer need.'. There fore, we have good reputation in both foreign and domestic businesses.

    The nature of our company is a private run business.
    B. Company Plan

    1.Considering factories of design

    a. Technological process is reasonable, fabrication skills are completed. And all manufacturing processes and test are available in each manufacturing factory or branch company.

    b. Administrations put on the right track, CAD work, photograph-making draft, mode processing, marketing and service are all arranged by general company. The production process is monitored by the person from QA section of general company. Keep precisely control and assure top product quality.

    c. We can provide a competitive price to our users, it is because our in vestment and the cost in the production are lowest.

    d. The work shift is flexible (there is a domicile in the factory area), this will be suitable for the users who need various fast stepping requirements.

    2. A Summary of Factory Area

    Factory occupied area, totally 18730m2

    Production area, proximately 50%

    Office, stare house, and living area, proximately 50%

    3. Products and Production YieldsPCB products: single-side PCB; carbon-silver paste PCB; various metal plated PCB; hot air leveling PCB; double-side PCB; special PCB of other material and so on.PCBA proccss: SMT, MI,AI, reflow oven, wave-soldering,lead-free soldering, X-test, ultrasound clean machine etc, with 24 lines.According to customer's demands, we can make special handle to PCB and PCBA, such as anti-static and/or disinfecting with γ-ray etc.Production yields: PCB,20000-25000 m2 per month.PCBA,refer to Equipment Capacity List.Marketing: High quality products are available in internal and external market.

    4. Staff members The factory provide totally 850 of members, 29 of the members are engineers and technicians. They all are professional in fabrication of PCB or PCBA and have more than 15 years working experiences. 18 members are engaging quality management and they also have more than 10 years working experiences.

    5. Technical and working supporter Shanghai Traffic University, CPCA(China PCB Association), Ocean University.

    6. MaterialsCopper foil laminate: The famous products from Japan, Taiwan and domesticmarket.(Refer to UL Certificate and China Safe Certificate) Additional materials: Primarily from Japan, then Europe and Taiwan.Components:the famous products from Europe,USA and domestic.

    7. Equipment: The key equipment and test equipment mainly are imported from abroad, and the subsidiary equipment are home made products.

    C. Installation plan and Administration
    Design from Junn'95 to July'95 accomplished
    Construction from July'95 to Sep.'95 accomplished
    Adjust and test from Sep.'95 to Oct.'95 accomplished
    Pilot production from Oct.'95 to Nov.'95 accomplished
    Enlarge production from Dec.'95 to Dec.'97 accomplished
    Second period engineering from Dec.'97 to Dec.'98 accomplished UL, CCEECertification
    Obtain high class management from Dec.'98 to Dec.'99Up to Dec.'2002 accomplished ISO-9002Certification
    accomplished ISO-9001Certification
    RoHS compliance from Oct.,2004


    In 2001, PCB & PCBA products made by our company have been certified to China

    Technological Excellent Products by China Scientific & Technical Information Research Society and China Safeguarding Consumer Society.

    D. Management Documents

    1. All of PCB management system and PCB quality assurance system have been in conformity with ISO-9001 requirement by KEMA in Holland and this has been admitted by many users in which they are several big companies.

    2. PCBA management system and PCBA quality assurance systems have been certified by EPRE and have met the requirement of ISO-9001.

    3. General product standard: IPC-A-600G for PCB; IPC-A-610D for PCBA, or from customer's standard.

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    Contact details:

    Name Shanghai Pu Chun Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Address No.2538,Husong Highway,Songjiang District,Shanghai,China
    Zip Code 201601
    Telephone 0086-21-57621370;0086-21-57621373;0086-21-57620253
    Fax 0086-21-57621223
    Contact Person(1) Sales Department:Wang Chunjuan
    E-mail: [email protected]  [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    Skype: wcj1212
    Contact Person(2) Component Purchasing Department:Liu Xingyan
    E-mail: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    QQ 185212795
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